3. Director Kenneth Karlstad did a wonderful job with this. Beautiful stuff.

  4. Random phone things 2014.

  5. Stuttgart: 3 panoramas and 1 4:3, with lightleaks or damage on an old Kodak XRG ISO100 film (expired 1994). Taken with a Ricoh R1. 

  6. Random leftover Berlin.

  7. Once in a while i film some stuff and i actually do try to put most of it on my so called Youtube “channel”. I tried try to catch 1 song and then a few clips, spent 10-15 minutes of light editing to smash it all together, make it look better and then… Well… stuff like this comes out. This is from the tour with Dark North (Us). A clip from a livingroom session in Jena (east Germany). That session was a blast. Had such a great time.


  8. Beautiful!

    (Source: Bandcamp)


  9. The ending on this track….. HOLY SH:::!!!!!!!!

  10. Yesterday, we arrived in Jena (the birth of the Carl Zeiss optical empire) as part of the Wohnzimmer Sessions Jena (Livingroom Sessions). These wonderful passionate people move from house to house, show to show, offering individuals (or more) to host the concerts, supplying volunteers and further organization. I’ve experienced this here and there before, but let me tell you… this time around…. It was very different. The amazing communities of the city Jena seem very aware of what is happening in their city and it seems as if they’re more than obliged to help make these things happen again and again. I have quite honestly never seen this many wonderful different people take up a small place like this before. A whole four story house half filled with amazingly nice people. Such a great atmosphere. Again, I took a lot of analog photos but have a few digital to show for now. More will come later on, just have to get to Berlin later today, where I will drop of my films from this last leg of the tour.

  11. Arrived in Stuttgart yesterday, meeting up with Dark North (US) again and ohh my, this place is gorgeous. Gonna stay over here for 3 more days. :) Gotta run out the door in a couple of minutes, so just have time for this upload. Here’s a few pictures from last night with the band on top of Stuttgart playing the Teehaus. I shot 3 and half rolls of analog so didn’t have too much time for the digital, but there’s a few good ones. Tonight it’s Stuttgart again at the super awesome Cafe Galao (http://www.galao-stuttgart.de/) . I don’t wanna leave this place…..

  12. Tomorrow i will be leaving for Stuttgart, Freriburg and Berlin, almost 2 more weeks on the road with the band Dark North. When i arrive in berlin, i get to stay in one of these bad boys. Soooo excited! If anybody wants to meet up in Berlin for some beers and falafels, get in touch! 


  13. Magical stuff from down under.

    A couple of weeks ago in London, I ran into these incredibly mystical creatures, nicest people ever, aka the “band” Ginger And The Ghost… well, ran into… As I was taggin’ along Dark North (US) playing The Finsbury (London), these guys were there aswell, pulling of a kick ass show that I think a lot of especially European (eeeespecially Nordic) artists would envy heavily. This encounter, made me think of all the great Australian and New Zealand music that had passed me by over the years. I almost forget myself where these bands come from and… ohh you ask: Does it matter? Well, yes it does indeed. Australian and New Zealand artists are more than other artists around the planet, very much excluded by default from a lot of things on a global scale. Are you a small time band in Napier (NZ) of lets say Warragul (AUS), chances are, despite your tremendous local and perhaps national success, you wil never make it abroad on tour. Try being 4 or 5, or even just 3 people having to cover that flight ticket back and forth. It’s not something you would wish upon your bandmates or spouses financially and even if you did once and barely survived, chances are you won’t be doing it again anytime soon.

    What i am getting at? We Europeans and most Americans, got it sooooo good!. Spoiled little babies constantly crying about missed opportunities and not being able to tour more, when the facts are: We can go wherever, whenever, for very little money. In Scandinavia, Denmark particularly, artists even get funding left and right just for crossing the border into Germany, which is less than a few hundred kilometers away. And what hat do we get in return? Well, in my opinion, spoiled and lazy androgynes sounding bands, with a polished sound mostly.

    But enough about money and quality already. Here’s some great, strange, bombastic, psychedelic and outrageous  artists and bands from both Australia and New Zealand for ya to dwell on.

    Orchestra Of Spheres (NZ)

    Scott And Charlene’s Wedding (AUS)

    Absolute Boys (AUS)

    The Mint Chicks (NZ)

    Planet Of The Tapes (NZ)

    Secret Knives (NZ)

    Decoder Ring (AUS)

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ)

    Ginger And The Ghost (AUS)



  14. Some more pictures from the London and Rotterdam side of things. This time around from my Nokia Lumia 1020. All of these were shot in RAW and color corrected (A bit).

  15. Last Saturday we had a kickass release party for the Telstar Sound Drone picture disc. It felt and still feels amazing, being able to keep doing this. Just putting out vinyl records with great bands and wonderful friends. We’ve now released 8 amazing vinyls in little over 3 years. Fuck! Time just flies and everything is changing these days… Sometimes it brings me down and out, into stress and disaster, but knowing that it’s not just me and that there’s a way back to all the good stuff is a blessing (from friendship, not god). My brain doesn’t even work proper enough to paint it all out….

    I can just tell you this: You know when you grow up, u think about how you probably wanna be a pilot or a policeman, or a rockstar…. He he… Well most of us don’t grow up and become what we thought we could be. Most of the time, it’s not even your education, your government or your parents that get to decide. Small windows ocassionally open up, where you and your friends get to freeze and seize time, shape all of it or some of it. Sometimes fragments of times and lives even get bent so much out of shape, that it just stays this way. You and your friends, doing things. We all have it. One way or another.

    In this case. I was bent out of shape already by the age of 17. I booked some shitty band from my old home town for a shitty show in the big city. High school party thingie…. After that… well it just kept on going, for reasons unknown. A handful of years later i end up in the southern parts of Denmark doing shows and festival stuff together with a whole bunch of brilliant out of control weirdoes (just like me). The craziest time of my life. Just living on your ass, touring with your band, other bands, taking control of the things you wanna do most in your life. Over time some people drop out, as with school or love… people opt out, move away…. to bigger cities and bigger jobs and education. So did we and now, almost 15 years later, here we are. One giant lump of wtf!. Most of us guys from that city, in another city…. Still together or together again.

    Truth be told: Sometimes you forget. Most of the time it’s really not a big deal (which it isn’t)… and then sometimes, you sit in your home gazing at things, like as in this moment. You remember it all! You might not be as crazy as you were back then, but it’s still there. All of it!

    This vinyl is not the best representation of what thread our little label has been pulling over the years, but it is a celebration of friendship, history and time spent together doing what we wanted to do. The handscreened sticker on the front cut on a slimy fussball table in an old slaughterhouse, The cheaply copied mini zines (that we made last minute before the release) that come with is just a gentle reminder, that this is much more than a vinyl record. Atleast for me and my best friends. I hope one day that some of you can be a part of it too.

    That is my dream!