1. Creepy, but awesome 2.0. A great ad for something a bit too crazy.

  2. There’s always small somewhat random puddles of water in my wobbly “backyard” and… for reasons unknown, I feel as if there’s a new image down there everytime as well. I don’t know why, but I just love this other side. Why is it so fascinating to me?

  3. Some random Berlin housing anno 2014. (Yashica Samurai again again)

  4. This is what the Yaschica Samurai exposure/frame split looks like.

  5. Yashica Samurai <3 Crane.

  6. I’ve talked about Mr Raack (sounds so mysterious) before. You saw a picture of him in my previous post. Long story short: In a way, we are related (girlfriends and families etc.) and in many ways we relate to each other and what we do. We’re both camera and analog maniacs. We both enjoy, collect and create quirky music. And… even though he lives in Berlin and i live in Copenhagen, we do try see each other once in a while. When we do, we always talk about old shitty cameras, technology, food, bands and other neat things.

    This time around, we also went for a little walk around Berlin together. During, i took some pictures of him collecting cars for his tumblr http://raacksgarage.tumblr.com (Check it out!). We also went around some stores looking for batteries and film (last pic in the set). Again… Looong story short: We’re exactly like 2 peas in a pod and we both love analog photography. So, go visit his awesome page! It’ll help you build upon the story, not just this post, but also the further joint adventures of Mr Raack and Mr Erlandsen. :)   

    PS: These pictures are taken with my (again) awesome Yashica Samurai X3.0. I left Berlin before i could get them developed, so Mr Raack did it for me. He then scanned the negatives and sent them to me. :)

  7. A slew of Berlin exposures from my Yashica Samurai X3.0. They’re so bland and yet, i just freekin’ love the sleepy grey and almost hopeless dull tones. I have concluded by now that either the focus of the camera is sometimes off and that it does surprisingly better in low-light situations (compared to daylight) and all in all, i just love the loose vibe all around this plastic camera. It’s so nice and easy to just walk around and shoot twice the amount of pictures on a film. It’s refreshing and fun. What can i say. PS: Thanks to Mr Raack (Bottom pic) for helping with the scans.

  8. If i had 550 Euros right now. I would buy this! Seriously! Look at it! This has become one of my unicorn cameras. :( But could never justify spending that kinda dough. Arghhh! Maybe one day! You can find it on Ebay here. (If you buy it, please just shut up and enjoy!)

  9. This is Mr Raack, he is also a photographer. He lives in Berlin and does not own a baby himself. This one was a loaner. Go visit his Tumblr pages, they’re quite awesome. Either http://raackete.tumblr.com/ or http://raacksgarage.tumblr.com/. Peace!

  10. Testing a Yashica Samurai X3.0 (1982) half format camera that I bought for 1 euro. I know it can do great things, it just needs the right film and a good beating first. Its such a weird camera. Can’t wait to see the next 2 films.

  11. Reflected pics, edited on the phone w. Nokia Creative Studio.

  12. Back in 2011, i went to a “showcase” with some friends of Elsinore performing a “musical piece” dubbed “Dr. Robotson Vs. Sonic The Hedgehog”. At the time my Lumix GF3 was kinda new and i wasn’t at all convinced about its possible strengths. I categorized these pictures as a drunken moment, shot in way too high iso for this camera’s own good. But hey, i remember good stuff when seeing these pics. It was a pretty mindblowing experience. Sooo, what did we learn? Beer x highISO = Funky Noise!

  13. Completely forgot. Back in September i took some photos at Festival Of Endless Gratitude in Copenhagen. Here are a few. I also shot a lo-fi live video of Danish band Trust, you can check that over here.

  14. The bridge to Öland (Sweden) 2004, seen from the north side. Seen thru a Canon 1000F and a generic plastic lense.

  15. Farmin’ it out with the family, summer 2013. I guess this is all you get from a film that expired in 1979. I must say that i’m pretty impressed by the vivid colors though. Gonna try me some more of those.