1. Adobe just announced the full Surface Pro 3 controls to the Adobe suites and ohhhhh my god! This is what we always wanted. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing video with what probably is the ultimate creative tool combo ever! Premiere control, illustrator, photoshop!!!!!! Incredible!

  2. Seriously! Watch this shortfilm!

  3. More New York snapshots from my instagram, taken with a Lumia 920.

  4. Some instagram snaps from my trip to New York. Taken with a Lumia 920.

  5. Here’s the Fedaden track from the other day, fused into this amazing video, made not from video… but no no…. from 35.000 photographs. :)


  6. Melt into this!

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  7. Soon to be out on Subsuburban.

  8. Hey! New York!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!! Maybe we could be friends, just for a month or so??? :)

  9. Krakow scooterlove and a couple of Berlin bikes. Shot with my Lumia 920.

  10. A couple of fast pics from Off festival 2014 (Poland). Bo Ningen (JP) and Chelsea Wolfe (US). Lumix GF3, O’Zuiko 52mm 1.8, tiltshift…. drunk! Good clean fun!

  13. Director Kenneth Karlstad did a wonderful job with this. Beautiful stuff.

  14. Random phone things 2014.

  15. Stuttgart: 3 panoramas and 1 4:3, with lightleaks or damage on an old Kodak XRG ISO100 film (expired 1994). Taken with a Ricoh R1.